How to Convert FB id into Page

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This is my favorite trick, because you got more likes on the FB page by using this trick, Means if you have a FB Id then you can convert your FB Id into the page, and the best part of this method is that your Facebook Account will be safe, means if you have a Fb Account with 5000 Friends, then you can make your page with 5000 likes without losing your account. Nowadays most of the users apply the trick, but you need a windows PC to apply the method. Now we are going to share the Method.

  • Open chrome or firefox browser on your windows computer (i will recommend you firefox).
  • Then log in to your Fb account.
  • Now open the link.
  • Click on Get Started Button.
  • Then select the category, Name, Address.
  • And Click on Next Button.
  • now select 1000 Friends (Important to get all friends like, don’t select more than 1000)
  • And Click on next and finally click on finish.
  • Congratulations you got 1000 likes on your new page.
  • Now if you back again the page (friends select page)! then follow the next step carefully.
  • You will need to open, replace your-page-URL with your page URL.
  • And you will also show the converting page, then again follow the same steps and get more likes.

If you select more than 1000 friends at the same time, the chance to you did not get likes on your new page, Maybe it is spam in according to Facebook terms and conditions, and the best part of the trick is that, you can change page name or category according to your choice, means you can make the page for jokes and your business also.

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