Fear: Understanding and accepting the insecurities of life

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NEW DELHI: One of the most primitive feelings humankind and even animals experience is fear. It can give anyone a hard time, even if there is nothing substantial to be afraid of. According to renowned life coach and celebrity astrologer Dr sundeep kochar, fear is nothing more than love upside down. He holds great confidence in the power of self-realization and meditation, and firmly believes that meditation can dissolve the sense of fear embedded in us.

However, before talking about the ways to overcome fear, Sundeep Kochar feels that it is more important to understand and accept fear for what it is. While peer pressure can be one of the chief factors that trigger fear, the celebrity astrologer believes that the roots of a person’s fear can also be traced with the help of his / her zodiac sign.

“Different zodiac signs have different characteristics. These characteristics include different forms of fear, since it is one of the most basic feelings. For example, Aries are usually scared of not knowing a possible outcome, being forgotten, or not being able to control their lives. On the other hand, Librans have some other concerns, like the fear of being left behind, losing their friends and close people, being hated by people, etc., ”says famous astrologer and life coach Dr Kochar.

He added, “However, astrology and zodiac signs can only serve as guiding forces. I personally believe that it is wrong to depend solely upon astrology to get our problems solved. Karma is the key to long-lasting happiness. Your stars can only counsel you; the path that you choose, the course of action that you follow – that’s what makes all the difference. “

Any fear can be overcome with a positive outlook towards life and the right amount of motivation. According to Dr Kochar, a small amount of fear in our life is important since it motivates us to do better. However, excessive fear harms us in more ways than we can imagine. It hampers our ability to differentiate right from wrong, and makes us doubt our worth. Fear might start as a passive insecurity, but holds the potential to transform into a grave condition like depression.

“The most important step towards overcoming fear is to accept it. Accept your insecurities first, because only then you can take a step forward and try to overcome it. Achieving a state of spiritual calmness is important, and there is no better way than meditation “Get rid of all the emotional baggage you’ve been accumulating along the years; let it all go. Once it is gone, you will find the strength to fight your fears inside yourself,” suggests Dr Sundeep Kochar.


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